JIMOH RAUF BADAMOSI (JRB) popularly known in Ibagwa – Aka and it’s environs as KUZEL

KUZEL is a phenomenon, an enigma that requires further study and research on human’s astronomical rise from rags to riches, from opaque background to opulence and grandiose. From the blues, KUZEL emerged and became a trail – blazer not only in Ibagwa Aka his birthplace but indeed the whole Igbo-Eze South LGA and even beyond.

KUZEL was born of humble Muslim parents who were said to have migrated from Southwest Yoruba State of Osun and settled in Ibagwa Aka in early part of 19thc, lived, died and were buried in Ibagwa-Aka. Ibagwa Aka was said to be the centre of commerce in those good old days in such a way that it attracted traders and settlers from all over Protectorate Nigeria; Yoruba, Hausa, Nupe, Birom, Nnewi, Awka, Ogoja, Owerre and other ethnic nationalities. This is why one of the electoral Wards that produces Councilors in Ibagwa-Aka today is gazetted as “Amebo – Awusa -Yoruba Ward” to give sense of belonging, recognition and inclusion to these ethnic nationalities of Igbo Awusa and Yoruba that have contributed immensely in the development of Ibagwa Aka. (Treatise on the Cosmopolitan outlook of Ibagwa – Aka is a topic for another day)

KUZEL is on lips of everyone in Igbo-Eze South for the right reasons. This is youngman who has astonished everyone including WE, the politicians with the quantum of his empowerment and infrastructural transformation of Ibagwa Aka and indeed the whole of Igbo-Eze South. His spirit of philanthropy is phenomenal. His zest to pull the talakawas out of the economic dungeon and social quagmire is second to none. It gives him extra joy to put smiles on the faces of the oppressed. It gives him happiness to see his signatures of infrastructural projects in communities in and around his birthplace Ibagwa, it gives him awesome joy to see smiles on the faces of the poorest of the poor, the hewers of the wood and drawers of water, the downtrodden of the society. It fires him to reach the unreachable parts of the communities in Ekete, Central,band Udeze Development Areas of Igbo-Eze South


Statistics of how many lives KUZEL has touched in his life in several ways are in leaps and bounds. Here is a youngman in the middle of his forties and he has positively changed the lives and the faces of his community nay the whole of Igbo-Eze South. KUZEL singlehandedly through his construction company; JRB CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LTD and his Energy Company; JRB SOLAR INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD constructed and asphalted and installed street lights on tens of kilometer roads in and out of Ibagwa Aka the headquarters of Igbo-Eze South LGA. The beauty of the Roads he construct is that he installs solar street lights on them in such away that if you visit Ibagwa Aka in the night you will be pleasantly shocked to behold a “City of Lights”. Take a ride through Amaji Amebo Road, Owerre Amankpu Road, Umuossai Street, Magistrate Court – Ndida Awusa Mosque – St Mary Catholic Church Road, Etc and the longest of all the Roads is the one that stretches from Umanu Junction in neighboring Nsukka LGA through Elegu – Obukpa through Nkwo Ibagwa Market past the Local Govt Headquarters down to Uzo-Ego Ibagwa. One core characteristics of JRB Road construction is that all, go with durable drainage systems, (concrete gutters) and further beautified with functional street lights. Another Special feature of JRB is that he never engages in “abandoned projects”. Once he commences a project, go and sleep, for sure he will complete the project in a record time. JRB has constructed, re-constructed and renovated so many Secondary Schools, Primary Schools, Hospitals and Maternities in ITCHI, UNADU.

The dilapidated Ibagwa Girls Secondary School Ibagwa is a beautiful bride to behold today powered by JRB.

JRB KUZEL’s generosity and benevolence has today extended out of Ibagwa Aka. It has gone extraterritorial and even beyond Igbo-Eze South LGA. JRB renovated, re-modeled and re-modernized Ihakpu Awka Secondary School, he is currently constructing a link-road between Ihakpu Awka and Uhunowerre community. He has successfully installed street solar lights in Obukpa Nsukka LGA, Ovoko, Liike – Iheaka. He has forever changed the face of Ndi Ishi-Agu Ibagwa Autonomous Community by extending rural electrification and construction of new Road to them today.


According to Chief HON JOHN UCHENNA Ohamadike, the JRB anchor man in Southeast Region, he stated thus; “you will find JRB projects not only in Igbo-Eze South but indeed in other LGAs in Enugu State”.

Ohamadike enumerated among others, a renovated Maternity Hospital and Water Borehole at Aji, ElugwuEzike Igbo-Eze North LGA, Water Borehole at Edem Ani Nsukka LGA, Water Borehole and Primary Schools renovations in far away Ani Nri LGA in Enugu West Senatorial Zone.


KUZEL has singlehandedly empowered and given scholarship to indigent students in Igbo-Eze South more than any other person living or dead. He has freely distributed hundreds of Keke tricycle, motorcycle, generators, sowing matchines et al to hundreds of the poor in Igbo-Eze South. His philanthropy does not discriminate against religion. As a devout Moslem he has built and reconstructed several mosques in several communities and in same way he has built, roofed and supported several Christian Churches in and around Igbo-Eze South LGA. As PETER OBI of Eluu P would say; “Go and Verify”

Go and Verify that the ultramodern FOOTBALL STADIUM KUZEL is building in Ibagwa Aka today is nearing completion now. A beautiful edifice that will marvel and tickle the fans of Rangers International, Enyimba FC, Chelsea, Man-U, Man City & Barca et al.


KUZEL is widely known to use his Group of Companies to hunt for Constituency – contracts, apply and secure multidimensional contracts from the Federal MDAs Abuja; (Ministries, Departments and Agencies) and efficiently execute the politicians’ Constituency Budgeted Projects in different parts of the Country. His Companies are said to be on good – track – records with MDAs for their efficient project service delivery.


KUZEL is so humble that for all these his widespread philanthropic Projects, he has vehemently refused to accept any praise or appreciation from any individual, group or communities. KUZEL, is said to hate publicity or broadcast of his communal helps to people. KUZEL would rather direct you to give your thanks and appreciations to his God, Allah, the most magnificent, the most merciful. This is why till today, he has conspicuously refused to accept any Chieftaincy title from any Igwe, traditional rulers or Associations.


The undeniable gospel truth is that Igbo-Eze South has never witnessed or benefitted from any individual be it politicians or captains of industry as she has benefitted from this amazing young man. And what’s more, every man and woman, young and old in Igbo-Eze South LGA are united in prayers for him for Allah to continue to bless him, guide him and guard him now and forever.

KUZEL believes strongly in Ubuntu philosophy of “I am because We are, and since We are, therefore, I am”

May we all, kindly salute this extraordinary Gift from God to humanity.


OGBUJA 25/05/23

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