Portable Celebrates Wife in Heartwarming Video, Fans Laugh Hard

Portable Celebrates Wife in Heartwarming Video, Fans Laugh Hard


The term ‘baboo’ has been trending since popular Nigerian singer, Portable, released his  latest single titled ‘I am a baboo’. This term refers to someone highly affectionate and possibly possessive.  It’s caused quite the stir on social media, but the story doesn’t stop there.

I see the best of me when with you - Portable's wife tells husband |

In a recent development, the ‘Zazu Zeh’ crooner’s wife, Omobewaji, also hopped onto the trending cruise, as she and Portable appeared together in a romantic video. Portable was heard calling his wife “Iyawo Baboo”, which translates from Yoruba as “wife of baboo”. Much to Portable’s joy, the adorable Bewaji didn’t seem to mind the cutesy pet name, and was all smiles as she continued to enjoy her husband’s company.

Terry G Reacts To Being Compared With Portable

The couple’s heartwarming display of love and fondness has been greeted with glee by fans and social media users, who seem to be smitten with their romance and affection.

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