Reece James has green hair & social media loves it

Reece James has green hair & social media loves it


Reece James was spotted in the stands with bright green hair as Chelsea took on Manchester United at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

James, the injured right-back who was playing against United on Saturday’s late football game, was noticed in the audience sporting a new look. While James watched from the stands, his brilliant green hair and matching green coat caused an internet frenzy among fans. James is renowned for making bold fashion choices. While James is sidelined for Chelsea due to knee surgery and is questionable for the World Cup, he made sure supporters wouldn’t forget about him by arriving at Stamford Bridge with a fresh new appearance.

The 22-year-old must maintain his style while simultaneously managing his ιnjury recovery as fans worry about whether he can qualify for the World Cup. In less than a month, England will begin their first game in Qatar.

‘Looking like the Grinch in the stands’

Reece James received social media teasing for sporting a new green hairstyle while watching Chelsea play Manchester United.

The defender, who is in a bαttle to recover from a knee ιnjury and spend weeks on the sidelines, has been closely following his club team and sat in the stands for Saturday’s match.

The England defender was captured on tape flaunting his new green hairdo, and ever then, he has been the target of social media ridicule. One Twitter user asserted, “Reece James’ hair has been the most interesting aspect of this game.”

Another said, “If I can’t be on the field, the field has to be on me.”

A matching green jacket completed the new appearance, which drew acclaim but also comparisons to a well-known holiday character. Reece James was spotted in the audience dressed as the Grinch. Another person said, “I love him, but the green hair and green puffer is ιnsane.” One more chuckled, “Huge fan of Reece James matching his hair to his coat.”

Chelsea, on the other hand, has bαttled throughout the game, frequently giving up changes and finding it difficult to produce on the opposite end. One commenter, who seemed to be taking things a little more seriously, remarked, “No offense to Azpi, but the right hand side looks like our weakest part. I miss Reece James honestly.”

You can tell that our team genuinely misses having Reece James on it. He’s our team’s top player right now, and he’s been greatly missed,” said another.

Although the 22-year-old is anticipated to remain sidelined until after the World Cup, he recently vowed he will make every effort to be ready for the competition.

Declan Rice should consider move to Arsenal or Chelsea FC

The 24-year-old midfielder has played 26 Premier League games for West Ham United this season, contributing to two assists and scoring two goals.

Rice has also been solidifying himself as a regular member of the England squad. The midfielder made five World Cup appearances and played the entire 90 minutes in the Three Lions’ most recent victories against Italy and Ukraιne in Euro qualifying. Future speculation regarding Rice is not brand-new. In recent weeks, Rice has been extensively connected with a move to the Arsenal during the summer transfer window. The midfielder has also long been mentioned as a potential target for Chelsea FC.

The former England and Liverpool FC midfielder Murphy thinks Rice should look to leave the London Stadium this summer, and he thinks Arsenal and Chelsea FC would be good options for him.

Declan Rice needs to leave West Ham, according to Murphy, who spoke to the Daily Mail. It has been difficult for him to keep up his best form with a squad that doesn’t keep the ball or boss games as well as others, so ideally he would have left last summer. He is completely prepared to advance, and at 24, he won’t want to put off playing in the Champions League.

“Arsenal would be a fantastic choice, and I believe he’d start every game. Having grown up loving the club and participating in their academy, Chelsea is also a strong draw.

After recent speculations that Arsenal is winning the competition to sign Rice this summer, Murphy made his remarks.

According to a Friday report from Football Insider, Chelsea FC is still interested in the midfielder but the Gunners are now winning the fιght to get him.

According to the same report, Rice has turned down several contract extensions from West Ham and is focused on joining a team that will compete in the Champions League next season.

According to the article, Rice’s current contract with the Hammers has a 12-month extension clause and is set to expire in the summer of 2024.

Rice recently received a challenge from former Newcastle United manager Graeme Souness to step up his game despite his excellent run.

In order to become a top-tier midfielder, the Scot believes Rice has a lot of opportunity to grow in a few specific areas.

As Rice receives the ball from his defenders, Souness advised the Daily Mail, “He [Rice] needs to get on the half-turn more and play the ball forward more, and not be content with going back to where it came from and square with his passes.” He also needs to score more goals. In 26 games this season, he has two Premier League goals, but it is not enough.

“Rice has now added his perspective. He claims that I don’t see him play every week and that my critique is “harsh.” That’s accurate. For West Ham and for England, however, I have seen him enough.

The same things were on display when I watched the game versus Italy. Any top-tier midfielder is constantly looking to play forward while on the half-turn. How many times did Rice do that in Naples? For me, it is not nearly enough.

“I bet Declan is a lovely boy to work with, popular with his teammates, and great to manage,” Souness continued. Yet he must set his sights high. This is merely my viewpoint.


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