Messi’s special tattoo celebrates Argentina winning the World Cup

Messi’s special tattoo celebrates Argentina winning the World Cup


The new tattoo that was just just discovered by a large number of admirers on Messi’s left thigh defines its function.

The image of the “Five of Cups” cards from the Spanish deck is featured in the tattoo. This revelation was only made very recently by a large number of fans. A few of these followers have just just learned this information very recently. A sizeable portion of the followers are only just becoming aware of this information at this point.The image of the “Five of Cups” cards that Lionel Messi had tattooed on his left thigh, as reported by Marca, is intended to serve as a symbol of his dedication to and achievement with the Argentina national team over the course of the years.

Messi has played a significant role in Argentina’s run to the World Cup in each of the last three years. Messi got the tattoo to mark the occasion of Argentina’s triumph in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which they won. From the year 2011, Messi has been seen publicly displaying the tattoo. In 2021, Brazil played host to the Copa America, and it was in that country that everything initially got off the ground. The competition was held in Brazil, which also served as the host nation.

Because Messi wore this number on his shirt when he first began his career as a professional athlete, the significance of this item is given even more weight by the fact that Messi wore this number on his shirt. The Argentine superstar was really appreciative for the relevance of what was being spoken to him during the entirety of the discussion, and he acknowledged his gratitude on several occasions. In an interview with the radio station TyC Sports, Messi mentioned that this number also pertains to the number of people in his family, which includes his sister and brother in addition to his parents. The talk was held in Spanish the entire time.

Despite the fact that on the field, the number 5 is typically allocated for a defensive midfielder, the fact that it is Messi’s favorite number still makes it significant to him. Despite the fact that it is normally reserved for a defensive midfielder, Messi’s favorite number is 5. As a consequence of this, he desired to have a tattoo that represented it, but he wanted it to be discrete and discreet so that it would serve as a gentle reminder of his favorite number. Although though the number 5 is typically always given to a defensive midfielder on the pitch, the fact that it is Messi’s favorite number still gives it some significance in his eyes. This significance comes from the fact that Messi is the best player in the world.

In addition, Argentine stars like as Lionel Messi, Giovani Lo Celso, Nicolas Otamendi, Alejandro “Papu” Gomez, Angel Di Maria, and Sergio Aguero all participated in a guessing game during the Copa America 2021. The fact that Messi was able to correctly identify the number five is taken as evidence of the success of the Argentina national football team.

Following their triumph at the Copa America 2021 tournament, Messi and his teammates went on to triumph at the Intercontinental Super Cup and the World Cup 2022, both of which were staged in Qatar. Both of these tournaments were won by Messi and his teammates. Their accomplishment came after they had already triumphed in the campaign for the Copa America 2021. Lionel Messi was awarded the individual title of “The Best of FIFA,” and he also received the Golden Ball award from France Football magazine for the eighth time. Both of these accolades are an incredible accomplishment. It was at the same time that he received both of these honors that they were presented to him. Both of these honors were presented to him simultaneously, right at that very instant, when it happened.


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