Video of Peaceful Baby in Croc Bed Leaves Netizens in Stitches

Video of Peaceful Baby in Croc Bed Leaves Netizens in Stitches



A rib-cracking video of a baby in a gigantic Croc bed elicited funny reactions from social media users. The cute and adorable baby was peacefully resting in the white Croc bed that resembled a footwear Netizens were puzzled at the interesting design as they flocked to the comment section to react.

The world is full of innovative and interesting stuff, leaving many in awe, but others are over the roof. A video of a woman carrying her baby in a bed resembling a big Croc elicited hilarious reactions. The clip shared online has left many netizens puzzled and in stitches over what manner of bed the baby was carried in

“Keeping up with GenZ mamas ,” the post caption read shared by buzzroomkenya. In the video, the woman slowly lays the baby on a bigger mattress set up on a big nice-looking bed. Chilling peacefully in bed Its white cover had decorations of moons and stars and were nicely spaced between them.

The headboard was also white and plain, with a rectangular design and was close to the wall. Resting in gigantic cot. The peaceful and cute baby was in a big white Croc bed, which was the major talk of the video. There was a cat-looking pillow inside the gigantic white Croc bed where the kid placed its head.

It was pink, looked fluffy, and was comfortable for the baby to rest on easily after being put in bed. Netizens react to interesting bed design Netizens could not help but stare in amazement at the Croc bed design that looked like magnified footwear.

They flocked to the comment section to give their opinion on the bed, which was an interesting design.

anneobati_bonesdelicacies: “Mimi wakorea walinishinda akiakuna kitu waezi fanya .”

annveel21: “I did not see this one coming.” laurensentanaz: “I will get this for future babies”

andrew.maganga1: “Hii Sini kiatu ya yeboyebo .” nyambura_mwangi_: “@kamymwangi hii nayo day utazaa nakuletea.”


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